Enterprise culture

Xiaomimi Company deeply realizes that the corporate culture must be recognized by all employees of the enterprise. If an enterprise wants to enhance its internal cohesion and external competitiveness, it must first form a consistent concept and be able to effectively implement it, so that the personal behavior of employees will change from "asking me to do this" to "I should do this". Make it meet the needs of enterprise development.
The corporate culture concept put forward by Xiao Mimi Company is: Xiao Mimi Vision: Let the world be full of sweetness
Xiaomimi Mission: With the spirit of excellence and tireless pursuit, "Xiaomimi" has become a well-established and well-known century-old national brand.
Smile Mimi business philosophy: integrity management, the pursuit of excellence.
Mimi core values: people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, excellence, the pursuit of excellence.
Smile Mimi style: pragmatic, vigorous, diligent, forge ahead.

Smile Mimi quality concept:

Quality is the life of an enterprise, quality is the benefit of an enterprise, and quality is the driving force for the development of an enterprise.

Strengthen quality awareness, correct quality attitude, standardize quality behavior, and establish a quality atmosphere.

Excellence, casting quality model.

The concept of quality is based on the overall situation and starts with the small.

Xiaomimi Company has always paid attention to the construction of corporate culture, the cultivation of corporate talents and the improvement of employee quality. The company has repeatedly invited well-known experts to train corporate employees, inject new management concepts into employees, enhance team cohesion, and continuously send middle and senior management Personnel participate in the learning and training of relevant corporate management and psychological incentive courses, so that the company's corporate culture construction has been continuously developed, and the team's combat effectiveness has been significantly enhanced, for the healthy development of the company to do a good job of strong bedding. The company often issues relevant learning materials of corporate culture and distributes them to employees to learn, widely publicizes corporate culture, builds a communication bridge between the company and employees and customers, and makes corporate culture bloom with eternal charm; the company also sets up a "staff home" multi-functional activity hall for employees as a leisure and recreational activity place for employees, specially for employees to carry out entertainment activities on weekends, at the same time, the company also celebrates the birthday of the employees every month, creating a good environment for leisure activities, enriching the spiritual and cultural life of employees, and effectively enhancing the vitality and cohesion of employees.