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The company deeply understands that corporate culture must be recognized by all employees. We also know that if a company wants to strengthen its internal cohesiveness and external competitiveness, it must first form a consistent concept which can be effectively implemented. This requires changing the employee's ideological understanding from "The company requires me to do this" to "I should do this" to meet the needs of enterprise development.
Our corporate culture concept: the vision of Xiaomimi is to endow people with sweetness.
Our mission: Making "Xiaomimi" a solid and well-known century-old national brand with the spirit of excellence and tireless pursuit.
Our business philosophy: integrity management, pursuing excellence.
Our core values: People-orientation, pioneering and innovation, keeping improving, and pursuing excellence.
Our working style: Seeking truth and being pragmatic, being resolute, making great efforts and forging ahead.
Our quality concept
1. Quality is the life of an enterprise, quality is the benefit of an enterprise, and quality is the driving force for the development of an enterprise.
2. Strengthen quality awareness, correct quality attitudes, standardize quality behaviors, and establish quality ethos.
3. Keeping improving to cast quality model.
4. Quality concept relies on looking at the overall situation and starting small.
The company has always attached great importance to the construction of corporate culture, focusing on the cultivation of corporate talents and the improvement of the quality of employees. We have invited well-known experts to train employees, hoping to inject new management concepts into their employees and enhance team cohesion. We continuously send middle and senior management personnel to participate in the study and training of corporate management and psychological incentive courses to ensure the continuous development of the company's corporate culture. Our team's combat effectiveness has been significantly enhanced, making a strong foundation for the company's healthy development. Our company often publishes relevant learning materials of corporate culture and distributes them to employees for learning to widely publicize corporate culture. We have also built a bridge between the company and our employees and customers, and let the corporate culture bloom forever. In addition, our company has set up a “Family Home” multi-purpose activity hall for employees as a leisure and entertainment venue, which is specially designed for employees to engage in entertainment activities during the week. At the same time, the company also celebrates birthdays for the employees who celebrate their birthdays in the month. This creates a good leisure environment for employees, enriches the spiritual and cultural life of employees, and effectively enhances the vitality and cohesiveness of employees.